Wandering in the Forest of Despair

Since someone mentioned this forest in conversation the other day I decided to go have a wander about, especially seeing as I’ve been putting off gathering a few dispel amulets for some of my alts.

I used this little side trip as an excuse to go ahead and adept detrap on Tharius before I headed out.  After a visit the the vineyard, a number of ugly orange sweaters and viewing the world through rose coloured glasses I was good to go.

Where is the Forest of Despair?  It’s located to the north-east of the City of Salburg an area built by the team of Kinux and Selina based on an original concept by Thoric.

I’ve visited Salburg before with Vladivostok when we came to beat up on Edonea’s hellish creation and pick up some blood of the innocent.  During that trip I noticed that the place had a creepy vibe about it and that’s during the daytime, never mind lingering about to encounter all the strange things you’ll encounter at night.  It was during this trip that I learned that falcon sight is still useful even if you have a your detects on, because you get detect traps as part and parcel, which is otherwise a bit of a bugger to get.  You’ll need this detect in many places during the area.

A you might expect in a town that has started to rot from the inside out there are a number of dangerous locations, you should be vigilant about watching for DTs, there are at least 5 easy to find ones.

Witches, swamp beasts and sentient trees all stand in your way but so too does a silent trans maze, a slog through a swamp maze, lots of pop items that need to come together in certain ways to form new and exciting items … but if you overcome all these hurdles you may walk away with generous rewards.

It’s one thing to walk in Thoric’s foot steps, it’s another altogether to wander off with his boots 🙂