A rope entwined with brightly colored ribbons hangs here, suspended in mid-air.

A while back I posted about exploring the Midway while it was open.  During that adventure I even posted up a small map to help get people started.  It’s back and I’ve been enjoying playing there and thought I’d talk a little more about the adventure.

There are a number of prizes to be won, not only the ones that can be exchanged for tickets but many other objects.  The haunted house has a superb supply of spellup candies that if we could ever get a regular supply would become run staples.  Given that they cast 3 different spell ups they would reduce the number of potions that storage rooms around the realms stock up on.

The well known prizes are:
3 Marble – Tic Tac Toe Board – Tic Please
3 Marble – Mini-Roulette Wheel – Wheel Please
2 Marble – Goldfish in a Bowl – Fish Please
2 Marble – Cuddly Stuffed Dragon – Dragon Please
1 Marble – Ugly Little Green Troll – Troll Please
1 Marble – Cheezy Stuffed Toy – Cheezy Please
4 Silver – Toy Marionette – Puppet Please
3 Silver – A Piece of Jewelry – Jewel Please
2 Silver – A Midway Coffee Mug – Mug Please
2 Silver – A Silk Scarf – Scarf Please
1 Silver – A Temporary Tattoo – Tattoo Please
4 Copper – A Souvenir Quill – Quill Please
3 Copper – A Colourful Balloon – Balloon Please
2 Copper – An Embroidered Hanky – Hanky Please
1 Copper – A Large Gold Coin – Coin Please

The top 2, like the dicing cup found elsewhere seem to be just for fun, though people use them for sorting out bets and run loot and the like.  I can’t keep the Goldfish alive for more than a few minutes, I didn’t buy one, I won it at the Duck Pond.  I have never gone for the Jewelry or the Coffee Mug but I can say that the silk scarf is perhaps the best low level mana item in game.  My usual complaint with mana users is that they run out of mana so quickly while levelling and low level mana gear is touch and go with stats.  These scarves are the bomb for low level mana if you can afford the con that you sacrifice by not wearing traveling cloaks/amulets.

Let’s look at how you earn tokens.  It does get a bit repetitive but each game will push you onward to the rest, so that you end up doing a circuit.  Getting 3 marbles either requires a fair bit of “stick to it”iveness or a bit of luck.  I found a marble token on its own in the Dunk Tank so sometimes a bit of luck can save you a lot of grind.

On the main strip you’ll find many games.  Let’s take a quick tour:

A White Tent
This white tent is the home of a large pegboard, with an array of
balloons lined up on one side and a bucket full of metal tipped
darts positioned several feet away. A gnome stands by the bucket of
darts, retrieving them after they are thrown. Bits of torn balloon
and metal dart tips litter the ground.
Exits: northwest
A young gnome offers you a chance to throw some darts.
A young gnome says ‘Hey mister. Want to try to hit a balloon? Just takes 100 gold.’

You give 100 coins to a young gnome.
A young gnome pockets the gold.
A young gnome says ‘Thanks mister. All you gotta do is throw a dart at the balloons.’
A young gnome says ‘The prize depends on what color balloon you hit.’

You reach into the bucket and grab a dart.
You aim carefully at the rows of balloons and throw your dart.
It pops a yellow balloon with a loud BANG!
A young gnome gives you 100 coins.

Eventually you’ll throw for a copper token.  I’ve never seen higher but for 100 coins what do you want?

After darts you’ll see face painting, which seems to be cosmetic (though could affect some puzzle elsewhere like the animal fighting or something).

A Purple Tent
The sheer purple walls of this tent let in light from outside but effectively
keep the dust from Faire Way out. The air smells of fresh cut flowers and
sweetly scented incense. A very small desk covered with a rainbow of colored
paints occupies one corner and a stool has been placed in the very center of
the tent. To the west lies the din and dust of the Faire.
Exits: west
A dainty pixie with pink wings flutters from one customer to the next painting faces.
Jumbo the face painter giggles at you. Hope it’s not contagious!
Jumbo the face painter tells you ‘Hello Tharius! Welcome to my li’l tent. Face painting is 15,000.’

You give 15,000 coins to Jumbo the face painter.
Jumbo the face painter rubs brightly colored face paint onto you.
Your face is blessed with elven features as you grow more attractive.
Jumbo the face painter giggles as she paints your face.
With great force, you strip the mask from your face.
Countless small wounds remain festering in your skin.
Jumbo the face painter flutters up and down and claps wildly.
Jumbo the face painter says ‘All done, Tharius!’

So far I’ve seen panda, dragon, mouse face paint and a few others.  Could just be for fun or as I say, have some meaning elsewhere in the midway.  On the other side of the road you find a challenge.

Before a Pit of Hot Coals
The rocky ground between the roadway and the dark blue tent has been cleared,
and flattened out by the pressure of visitors to the faire. To the west is a
long row of brightly glowing coals, shimmering with heat, while to the
northeast is the main roadway.
Exits: west northeast
A mystic shaman regards you with a look of superiority.
The shaman bows before you.
The shaman says ‘Welcome, Tharius, to a great test of courage and control.’
The shaman points towards a long row of glowing hot coals, laid out to the west.
The shaman says ‘To test yourself, simply give me 50,000 coins…and prepare your heart and soul for the task.’

Remove your shoes, give him 50k and see if you can walk across the coals AND BACK.  If you accomplish this you’ll get a fiery coal that works much like a shockstone for fireshield.  It’s too bad that this thing isn’t permanent like the shockstone, because it would be an awesome reason to try this challenge.  Scrapping one would make you cry but you’d be well on your way to self-sufficiency.

Before moving along you might visit the Dark Blue Tent.

A Dark Blue Tent
The dark blue fabric of this large tent ruffles in the breeze. Aside from
that small noise it is strangely quiet inside, as if cut off from the clamor
of the surrounding faire. The tent is crowded with wooden chairs, arranged in
a half-circle around a carved, wooden dais. An odd glow surrounds the raised
platform, seemingly enhanced by magical means. Exits north and east lead back
to the dust and noise of the midway.
Exits: east northeast
Waving her arms dramatically in the air, a magician is here lost in her arcane art.
Adriana the magician glows with an aura of divine radiance.
Adriana the magician is surrounded by a mix of ice-shards and sparking flames.
Adriana the magician says ‘Welcome to my tent, Lareawan! Prepare to be amazed.’
Adriana the magician grins at you.

I was amazed and pleased when Adriana teleported me to the entrance to the Haunted House.  If you’ve been wondering where you go to start on those puzzles, now you know 🙂

Moving along, I haven’t found much of interest in the animal betting, fortune telling or the 3 card monte game.  They seem like straight gambling or just atmosphere but there’s always the real possibility I miss things 🙂

Within the Arena Wall
A small area has been carved out of the arena wall here to accommodate betting
on various battles. Torches are attached to the walls periodically, flooding
the room with their flickering light. Animal brokers, trainers and tenders
fill the room, discussing in raised voices the various attributes of their
stock. Pieces of paper litter the ground, as patrons throw away losing bets
in disgust. An archway to the southwest leads back to the midway.
Exits: southwest
The broker of the animal arena battles is here, shouting out the odds on various beasts.
Rafur exclaims ‘Hello Tharius, and welcome to the betting cages!’
Rafur says ‘Here we offer for your entertainment a battle between
animals where you bet on the one you think will win. If you’d like
to take part, give me 250000 coins and I’ll escort you to the
animal cages.’

You give 250,000 coins to Rafur.
Rafur says ‘Thank you for your bet Tharius.’
Rafur opens a door and escorts you into the animal holding area.
Rafur says ‘Hey there Werinn, our next better is Tharius.’
Werinn says ‘Hi! Today we’ve got two fine animals to choose from, take
a few minutes to look them over and then point to the one you like
best. I will then begin the fight and we’ll see who wins!’

The Animal Holding Area
The northern wall of this room is lined with enormous cages each with a door
facing outward into the battling area. The noise and stench of so many animals
kept in close proximity makes the atmosphere in this room uncomfortable at
best. A long desk blocks any approach to the cages and the battling area, but
the gore spattered battle zone can be seen by looking northward.
Exits: none
The keeper of the battling animals is here tending his charges.
A tiger of epic proportions is inside a cage growling at you defiantly.
A gargantuan bear is within a cage baring its huge teeth in your direction.

>look tiger

This tiger is enormous! It is the single largest cat that you have ever
seen, period. Its teeth and claws look incredibly sharp, but it’s probably
not a good idea to test them first hand. This is a truly remarkable beast.

An enormous tiger is in perfect health ~(100%~).

>look bear

This bear is as large as it is ferocious. Its claws and teeth are
definitely not something that anyone would want to be on the wrong
end of. All in all, this is a truly remarkable beast.

A gargantuan bear is in perfect health ~(100%~).

>point bear
You point at it accusingly.
Werinn exclaims ‘What a fine choice Tharius!’
Werinn gives you a bear token.
Werinn says ‘Hang on to that Tharius, give it to me at the end of the battle.’
Werinn pushes a lever and the animal cages open onto a common area.
Werinn prods each of the animals in turn, forcing them into battle.
You watch filled with excitement as the animals begin their battle!

a gargantuan bear pushes an enormous tiger across the arena into the wall.
an enormous tiger leaps atop a gargantuan bear and digs in its claws.

a gargantuan bear swipes at an enormous tiger with its claws causing blood to flow.

an enormous tiger bites a gargantuan bear on the neck, tearing open its throat.

a gargantuan bear pushes an enormous tiger across the arena into the wall.
an enormous tiger pounces on a gargantuan bear ripping into it with its claws.

a gargantuan bear swipes at an enormous tiger with its claws causing blood to flow.
an enormous tiger bites a gargantuan bear on the neck, tearing open its throat.

a gargantuan bear bites an enormous tiger savagely, tearing off a piece of flesh.
an enormous tiger bites a gargantuan bear on the neck, tearing open its throat.

an enormous tiger leaps atop a gargantuan bear and digs in its claws.

a gargantuan bear bites an enormous tiger savagely, tearing off a piece of flesh.

a gargantuan bear bites an enormous tiger savagely, tearing off a piece of flesh.

After a long battle a gargantuan bear falls to the ground defeated!
An enormous tiger exclaims ‘I won!’
Werinn wipes his brow with obvious relief.
Werinn says ‘That was an exciting battle! Alright, give me your token please.’

You give a bear token to Werinn.
Werinn sighs loudly.
Werinn says ‘Sorry Tharius, you lost, better luck next time.’
Werinn waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.

A Silver Tent
This tent is illuminated with soft lighting from gold candelabra located to
either side of a wooden table that occupies the center of the interior. A few
interested people passing by peek their heads inside the flap to observe what
is going on inside. The atmosphere inside the tent is quiet, unlike the bustle
of the midway just outside. The walls are close, but rather than
claustrophobic, the tent is comfortable.
Exits: west
A stout, wooden table stands in the center of the tent.
An old halfling stands here, completely engrossed in a trio of cups that sits before him.
Aldanor says ‘Welcome to my tent Tharius! I wish you the best of luck.
To play this game you have to give me 100,000 coins and I will set
up three cups on the table with a ball underneath one of them.
Say the color of the correct cup and you win 200,000 coins!’

You give 100,000 coins to Aldanor, Master of Cups.
Aldanor, Master of Cups says ‘Good luck Tharius, you’ll need it.’
Aldanor, Master of Cups grins at you.
Aldanor, Master of Cups shows you the ball and places it on the table.
Aldanor, Master of Cups begins to shuffle the gold, silver, and platinum cups around at a blurring speed.
After a few seconds of mixing the gold, silver, and platinum cups Aldanor slows and stops.
Aldanor, Master of Cups says ‘Please say the color of the cup that you choose, Tharius.’

You say ‘silver’
Aldanor, Master of Cups picks up the silver cup and reveals a small ball hidden beneath.
Aldanor, Master of Cups exclaims ‘Congratulations Tharius! Thank you for playing!’
Aldanor, Master of Cups gives you 200,000 coins.

A Dark Tent
The entrance to this shadowy tent is barred with several curtains of grey
silk, which must be pulled aside. The curtains block out most of the light
from outside the tent and ensure the privacy of it as well. The only source
of light is a strange ball which pulsates with an odd magical light. An
empty chair sits beside a wooden table in the center of the tent. The way
east returns to the midway.
Exits: east
A stout, wooden table stands in the center of the tent.
A mysterious gypsy sits here, her face illuminated by the crystal ball before her.
Madame Srella glows with an aura of divine radiance.
Madame Srella says ‘Welcome to my humble tent, Tharius.’
Madame Srella tells you ‘I can look into your soul and tell you your
fortune… If you wish me to do so, all you need do is give me 1000

You give 1,000 coins to Madame Srella.
Madame Srella says ‘Ahh..you wish me to look into your soul and tell
you what I see? Very well then Tharius, I shall…’

Madame Srella leans her head toward you and whispers.
Madame Srella says ‘The aura of your goodness lights up those around
you. Your conscious is clear.’

Madame Srella appraises you, squinting as she examines your face.

Madame Srella says ‘You must try harder to please your deity, good things will come.’

Madame Srella peers down into the crystal ball thoughtfully.

Madame Srella says ‘Many times your destiny carries you, when else you would fail.’

Madame Srella gazes into the ball once more, and hums to herself softly.

Madame Srella says ‘Now, for your reading…’
Madame Srella draws a deck of colorful cards from beneath her robe.

Madame Srella closes her eyes and slowly shuffles and cuts the cards.

Madame Srella places the deck of cards in the center of the table.

Madame Srella says ‘The first card is the central issue in your life…’

Madame Srella reaches forward and turns the top card over onto the table.

Looking down at the card, you see that it is The Hanged Man.
Madame Srella says ‘This card represents spritual awareness and the assuredness that it brings. You wonder if you should sacrifice something of yourself for this noble purpose.’

Madame Srella says ‘The second card is the challenge in your life…’

Madame Srella turns the top card of the deck over and places it on the table above the first card.

Looking down at the card, you see that it is The Wheel of Fortune.
Madame Srella says ‘This card represents fate and destiny. Your future depends upon that which has been done before.’

Madame Srella says ‘The third card is the present…’

Madame Srella turns the top card of the deck over and places it on the table below the first card.

Looking down at the card, you see that it is The Hierophant.
Madame Srella says ‘This card represents religious influence and conformity, An inspirational teacher will reveal signs of spiritual importance leading to higher consciousness.’

Madame Srella says ‘The fourth card is the past…’

Madame Srella turns the top card of the deck over and places it on the table to the right of the first card.

Looking down at the card, you see that it is The Lovers.
Madame Srella says ‘This card represents true love and equality. In the past you have made decisions based on intuition rather than intellect.’

Madame Srella says ‘The fifth card is the potential outcome…’

Madame Srella turns the top card of the deck over and places it on the table to the left of the first card.

Looking down at the card, you see that it is The Magician.
Madame Srella says ‘This card represents concentration and control. You should exert your will and determination to see a project or idea through to its completion.’
Madame Srella says ‘We are done now. I hope that this has helped you.’

I would have to find last year’s logs to see how this varies but you get the idea.  Whenever a mob uses the word sacrifice my radar pings, though it could just be atmospheric text.

Continuing along we have 4 challenges preseneted to us.  3 are games of luck, 1 is a game of Realms knowledge.  The first is the Ancient History challenge which are questions focusing in on deities.  I won’t list all the answers I found but I’ll leave it to you to figure i tout.

An Azure Tent
Books are littered throughout this tent, in stacks of various sizes and in
boxes scattered on the floor, making the tent itself seem comparatively small.
Any avid book-collector would not have much room in a tent of this size. An
opening in the southeast portion of the tent leads back to the main path
and the hustle and bustle of the Faire.
Exits: southeast
A wizened old gnome peers at you from behind a stack of books.
Varkaus says ‘Welcome to my little corner of the universe, Tharius.’
Varkaus says ‘And what a wide, wide universe it is…’
Varkaus grins as if its thoughts are mischievous.
Varkaus says ‘Would you like to prove your knowledge of ancient history to me? Just give me 50,000 coins to play.’

You give 50,000 coins to Varkaus.
Varkaus says ‘Here’s the question. Please respond by saying “the answer is (answer)”.’
Varkaus says ‘Which deity’s home is deep within the frozen wastelands?’

You say ‘the answer is tirebaen’
Varkaus exclaims ‘Correct!’
Varkaus congratulates you with a big slap on your back!
Varkaus says ‘You could try another question, if you feel up for the challenge.’

The spear throw and the axe throw are very similar, if you hit the bullseye you get a voucher to have Gordon carve you a figurine with your name on it.  I had so many at one point that I was handing them out to any mob I saw.  More on Gordon later.  You occasionally also get tokens.

A Yellow Tent
The interior of this bright yellow tent is well lit and extremely clean. Game
participants are lined up behind a low counter and throwing spears across a
distance of approximately twelve yards. At the opposite end of the tent,
three hoops are suspended from the ceiling. The smallest, inner hoop is the
target of the spear throw. Large, thin pieces of wood are placed against the
tent walls to prevent poorly thrown spears from going through.
Exits: east
A stocky man is perched on a tall stool next to the throw line.
Maynard says ”Ello Tharius, this ‘ere is a game of skill. If yer wantin’ to play give me 5,000 coins.’

You give 5,000 coins to Maynard.
Maynard says ‘Aye, a fine choice, Tharius. I’ll be telling ye the rules. While yer havin’ the spear in yer inventory ‘throw spear’. If yer spear goes through the outer ring, I’ll give ye 5,000 coins. The middle ring, she’s worth 7,500 coins. The inner ring’ll get ye a prize.’
Maynard pulls a spear out of the container standing at his feet.
Maynard gives you a throwing spear.
Maynard says ‘Best of luck to ye, Tharius.’

You grab the spear in your strong hand and aim at the inner hoop.
Your spear wobbles and shimmies slightly as it flies through the air.
Your spear clangs noisily on the inner hoop as it passes through it.
Maynard says ‘That was a near one, you’ve got a bit ‘o luck.’
The watching crowd cheers as the spear flies through the inner hoop!
Maynard says ‘Here’s a token for the prize booth…lots of nice things there.’

You give 5,000 coins to Maynard.


You grab the spear in your strong hand and aim at the inner hoop.
Your spear flies through the air with perfect speed and direction.
Your spear sails easily through the inner hoop.
Maynard exclaims ‘Well done, Tharius!’
The watching crowd cheers as the spear flies through the inner hoop!
Maynard gives you a spear throwing prize voucher.
Maynard says ‘Give that to Gordon in the market, he’ll hook ye up.’

Axe throwing is the same idea, give coins throw thing and maybe you get coins, tokens or a voucher back.

An Orange Tent
The flap of this orange tent is tied wide open, allowing the noise and light
from the midway to pour in. A long strip of wood lies on the ground and is
designated the throwing line by a sign that hangs from the ceiling of the
tent. Ten yards from the throwing line there stands a large piece of wood,
with several bull’s eyes painted on its surface in white and black paint.
A crowd of onlookers is lined up along the wall of the tent, trying to stay
as far back from the throwing line as possible.
Exits: west
A powerfully built orc watches axes flying past him.
Brannox says ‘Hello Tharius, would you like to try your hand at throwing an axe? Give me 5,000 coins to play.’

You give 5,000 coins to Brannox.
Brannox says ‘Very good Tharius, let me explain the rules. Simply ‘throw axe’ while you have an axe in your inventory. If you hit the target on the outer ring I will give you 5,000 coins. A hit to the inner ring gets you 7,500 coins. If you should hit a bullseye, you win a prize.’
Brannox unslings a throwing axe from his leather jerkin.
Brannox gives you a throwing axe.
Brannox says ‘Good luck, Tharius.’

You hold the axe in your strong hand and
Your axe flies toward the target but veers to the side slightly.
Your axe lands just to the left of the target, in the inner circle.
Brannox says ‘Nicely done, Tharius.’
Brannox gives you 7,500 coins.

Finally we come to the Realms distributor of pet rocks:

The Duck Pond
A small pond has been dug out of the dirt behind a yellow tent, and filled
with murky water and yellow rubber duckies. A large sign behind the pond says
“DUCK POND”. The path northeast to the main road seems well traveled, but
muddy, and it’s hard to tell if this is an official game of the Midway or not.
Exits: northeast
A slightly swampy pond of water contains a slew of soggy rubber duckies.
A grubby looking elf keeps an eye out for anyone ready to try their luck.
Xarex says ‘Welcome, friend! Easiest game on the Midway…pick a duck, win a prize!
The skinny elf grins hopefully.
Xarex says ‘If you play, you win! Just 50,000 coins!’

You give 50,000 coins to Xarex.
Xarex grins broadly.
Xarex says ‘Fabulous! Now just PICK DUCK. Red spot wins a big prize, black spot for a small!
Xarex grins evilly.
Xarex says ‘Good luck, Tharius!’

You plunge your hand into the grimy pond and pull out a duck.
You turn over the duck…to find a black spot on the bottom.
Xarex smiles.
Xarex says ‘Ah well, good try, good try.’
Xarex says ‘Of course, every duck IS a winner. Here you go!’
Xarex rummages beneath the pond sign for a moment.
Xarex hands you a pet rock.
Xarex chuckles nastily.
Xarex looks for another customer ready to pluck a duck.

I have gotten a few other prizes here but nothing startling.

You turn over the duck…and find a red spot on the bottom!
Xarex looks rather surprised.
Xarex says ‘Oh…um, congratulations!’
Xarex frowns at the ducks in the pond for a moment, then gathers his composure.
Xarex says ‘Uh…of course, of course, a prize. Um, here you are. Take care of it.’
Xarex grabs a glass bowl and scoops something out of the pond.
Xarex hands you a small goldfish in a bowl.
Xarex snatches back the winning duck, pushing it deeply into his pocket.

Before leaving I needed to divest myself of the pets I had aquired:

You drop a pet rock.
You tell your rock to shake. It ignores you.
Xarex kicks the small rock back under the sign.


Moving along we’re nearing the end of the road but there’s still many things to see.  Indeed, one useless but funny item is just ahead.  For log rolling you’ll need to bring a friend with you.

Log Rolling
A few wooden boards have been set down for participants to wait on, while they
watch the log rolling to the west. The pool there looks dark, murky, and above
all, cold. To the southeast, cheering and laughter erupts from the bright,
warm Faire.
Exits: southeast
A burly lumberjack grins merrily at spectators and participants alike.
Kurc says ‘Welcome, Tharius! Care to try your hand…er, your feet…at log rolling?’
Kurc laughs merrily.
Kurc says ‘Just 50,000 per person to test your skill against a friend!’

You give 50,000 coins to Kurc.
Kurc says ‘Ah, fabulous! We’ll just have to wait for an opponent for you, Tharius.’
Reana gives Kurc some gold.
Kurc says ‘Ah, good! You’ll be rolling against Tharius here.’
Kurc shakes Reana’s hand. Reana winces.
Kurc escorts you and Reana into the pond, helping you get up on the logs.

You get up on the log. It teeters perilously beneath your feet.
It begins to slip, and your feet rush to catch up.

Next thing you know, the log is rolling!
Reana concentrates on the slippery log, trying to keep her footing.
The log slips and slides beneath your feet! Be careful!
Reana stumbles, nearly toppling off the log!
Your feet move deftly, running over the log!
You grin triumphantly at Reana.
Reana concentrates on the slippery log, trying to keep her footing.
The log slips and slides beneath your feet! Be careful!
Suddenly, Reana slips!

Grinning, you hop off the log and return to Kurc’s side.
Kurc comforts Reana.
Kurc exclaims ‘Tough break, Reana. Go dry off, then come on back to give it another try!’
Kurc grins at you.
Kurc exclaims ‘Congratulations, Tharius! Impressive footwork!’
Kurc gives you a hearty slap on the back.
Kurc gives you a copper token.
Kurc exclaims ‘Let’s see, here’s a little something to remember the occasion by!’
Kurc hums a little tune as he grabs a small heap of cloth from his personal stash.
Kurc gives you suspendies and a bra.

I did lose this a few times before finally dunking Reana, but this isn’t her blog, so you only get to see when I win.

Wearing this layerable body item:

You fit suspendies and a bra on your body.
He’s a lumberjack and he’s okaaaaay….
He sleeps all night, and he works all day!

If you track Bob you’ll find something that looks a lot like Plinko 🙂

A Beige Tent
A long, colorful board filled with pegs is the centerpiece of this large tent,
but the tent is also decorated with an assortment of flashing lights. Leading
up to the top of the playing board is a row of stairs, each step a different
color. Rows and rows of seats fill up the other side of the tent, where an
audience of onlookers sits and watches each contestant enviously.
Exits: east
A long, upright board contains an assortment of pegs and slots.
An elderly man in a black suit stands here, smiling.
An elderly man is shrouded in flowing shadow and light.

Here you need to put a coin into the board.  These gold coins, which are used elsewhere in Midway can be purchased from Maia. Once you have one, and the board is ready:

You put a large gold coin in the playing board.
The coin falls into the slot marked ‘5000’.
An elderly man says ‘Here you go, Tharius.’
An elderly man gives you 5,000 coins.

In general this is a money losing board, though you will occasionally get a silver ticket.  It used to be that you got one of the parts for the storage bin here.  Once finished with Plunko you might want to visit the dunk tank, which also uses gold coins.

The Dunking Tank
Inside a large white tent, a large tank of water has been set up. A large
ladder rises up one side of it, while over the top a mesh of fine wire has
been placed. The water inside the tank is very murky and still. Small piles
of bags, armor and various other items lie around on the ground waiting
for their owners to return for them. A water-stained sign hangs from a nail.
Exits: west
A thin woman stands here manning the dunking tank.
Saril is shrouded in flowing shadow and light.
Saril says ‘Ready to take a chance in the tanks eh?’
Saril says ‘Ask Maia for a coin, if you don’t have one already.’
Saril says ‘then we’ll play!’

You cannot play this with aqua breath on, something about an unfair advantage 🙂

Saril tells you ‘I’m sorry, but you would have an unfair’
Saril tells you ‘advantage in this game. I can not let you’
Saril tells you ‘play this game, Tharius.’

When you get rid of aqua breath:

You give a large gold coin to Saril.
Saril pulls a lever and Tharius fall into a tank of slimy water!

You cough and choke as you try to breathe water!

The Tank
Inside the dunking tank, the water is cold and very murky from the blood
of countless would-be dunking champions. It is impossible to see very far
in any direction. Thick slime covers the walls and floor of the tank. Small
fish swim around unaware of the fact they are living in a game. Somewhere
in this slime and murkiness, the token has been hidden.
Exits: none

From here you search until you find something, I have found copper, silver and marble tokens here or you drown.  You can also say ‘give up’ to get out without dying.  I’ve found it on the first few searches or on my last few hitpoints.

Your search reveals a silver token!
You get a silver token.
Saril hauls you from the tanks, smiling broadly.
Saril says ‘Congratulations, Tharius. Now you can keep the token for the prize booth, or give it to me for an instant prize.’

I tend to turn in the coppers, I have no clue if the prizes get better if you turn in better tokens, but I’d guess there’s probably a chance at better stuff.

After you dry off you can enter the tent that is the #1 reason many people come to the Midway (now that you’re not getting a storage bin).  The famous midway bow which can fire 3 rooms away but seems to scrap if anyone even walks past you!  They are nearly useless for damage but all you’re really trying to do is lure the mob towards your trap and then you swap to a forest bow or something else.

An Archer’s Tent
You walk into a long, thin, white tent, and stare down the way to two
targets set side by side. Behind that are set several hay bales to catch
the stray arrows of bad marksmanship. Closer to you is a weapons rack
filled with bows of every type, size, and make. Coils of spare strings are
stacked next to bundles of arrows, along with several bullseye targets.
Exits: northeast
An archer stands here, looking over his assortment of bows and arrows.
Caspian the archer looks you up and down, grinning.
Caspian the archer says ‘Care to try your luck with a bow, Tharius?’
Caspian the archer gestures west to the targets.
Caspian the archer says ‘Easy enough to hit that, don’t you think?’
Caspian the archer gestures to the sign on the wall.
Caspian the archer says ‘Those are the prices Tharius, reasonable of course.’

Caspian will suck you dry 300 or 700 coins at a time, the fee for the berating trash talk I assume.

You fire a caspian arrow west.
Your arrow injures the target!
Caspian the archer snarls at you, for some reason.
Caspian the archer says ‘You barbarian, Tharius!
You broke the target!’
Caspian the archer tells you ‘You’ll pay me 300 coins to fix this…’
Caspian the archer tells you ‘..or I’ll not set up another, Tharius.’
You give 300 coins to Caspian the archer.

You fire a caspian arrow west.
Your arrow wounds the target!
WhoooOOooshhhH SnnnNaaaAppP!
Caspian the archer yells ‘Arrrgh! Tharius is a savage!’
Caspian the archer tells you ‘This is not the strong arm tent, Tharius!’
Caspian the archer tells you ‘Get out! Out! Out! Out!’
A bellow of rage comes from inside the archer’s tent.

You fire a caspian arrow west.
Caspian the archer says ‘The moon will bleed before you…’
Caspian the archer says ‘hit that!’

You fire a caspian arrow west.
Caspian the archer says ‘You hit that tent  pole dead on!’

You fire a caspian arrow west.
Your arrow brushes the target.
Caspian the archer says ‘Looked like that arrow was made of rubber! It bounced right off!
Caspian the archer snickers softly.

After all this abuse I did walk away with a couple of winning shots:

You fire a caspian arrow west.
Your arrow hits the target!
A sharp thwack echoes through the tent.
Caspian the archer says ‘Enjoy your prize Tharius!’
Caspian the archer gives you a toy marionette.
Caspian the archer pats you on your back.

You fire a caspian arrow west.
Your arrow hits the target!
A solid thump sounds as the arrow hits home.
Caspian the archer says, ‘ooOOooOOooOOoo.’
Caspian the archer says ‘Damn good shot! Bullseye!’
Caspian the archer reaches under the counter for a prize.
Caspian the archer gives you a cuddly stuffed dragon.
Caspian the archer says ‘Enjoy, Tharius. It’s a rare item!’
A cry of victory rises from the archer’s tent as Tharius wins!

A few more stops and we’ll have covered the main stretch, including the attainable container for this area.  I’ll leave out the solution in case publishing the solve causes these to become instantly rare too.  If you do it wrong you take damage or get slayed, but it doesn’t take too many tries to figure it out.

A Motley Tent
The interior of this tent is almost painful to the eyes. A riot of different
colored pieces of canvas makes up the walls in randomly sewn patterns. The
tent is lit by a single glowing orb that floats near the roof and casts an
eerie blue light. The silence here is almost perfect, just a few feet away
from the cacophony of the midway, hinting that there is magic at work.
Exits: west
A strange looking box is resting here.
An elderly mage sits here, floating several inches above the ground.
Duran smiles at you.
Duran says ‘Hello there, Lareawan. I’m afraid that all I can offer you
right now is a puzzle. If you’d like to try give me 25,000 coins.’

You give 25,000 coins to Duran.
Duran cackles gleefully at you.
Duran says ‘Don’t worry if you can’t solve it, not many people can.’
Duran says ‘Oh, by the way, I can’t be held accountable for anything the box does…’
A strange looking box sits upon the ground. It has panels covered in
intricate runes on all sides that look as if they can be pressed. A
different rune is located on each side: front, back, right, left and top.
Duran says ‘To use the box, press a panel location. For example, press right.’

As you press the X panel of the puzzle box your fingers feel warm.
Duran says, ‘ooOOooOOooOOoo.’
Duran says ‘Clicking is good.’

*Click* *Click*
As you press the X of the puzzle box your hand feels warm.

*Click* *Click* *Click*
As you press the X panel of the puzzle box your arm feels warm.
Duran thinks, ‘Hmmmm.’

*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*
As you press the X panel of the puzzle box your chest feels warm.
Duran says ‘I believe you might have it, Lareawan.’

*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*
The panels of the puzzle box slowly slide open.
Duran exclaims ‘Wonderful Lareawan! Quite impressive!’
Duran rumages around in his satchel for a moment.
Duran exclaims ‘Well, all I’ve got is this old hat, I hope you like it!’
Duran gives you a magician’s hat.
Duran waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.

From here on out, have some fun arm wrestling and stopping into the pub.

A Brown Tent
Plain wooden benches filled with an eager crowd line the walls of this simple
brown tent. Bits of paper and food clutter the ground under and around the
stands, but the central area is kept well swept. A wooden table and two
chairs occupy the very center of the tent with torches attached to wooden
posts arranged in a circle around them. Dirt from the ground and the pungent
odor of physical exertion hang in the still air.
Exits: east
A huge ogre lounges here, flexing his massive muscles.
Grolm the strongman says ‘Welcome to my tent Tharius, you appear to be strong.’
Grolm tells you ‘Would you care to test your strength
with me? If you give me 500 coins, I will arm-wrestle
you. Simply beat me and I will give you 1,000 coins.’

You give 500 coins to Grolm the strongman.
Grolm the strongman exclaims ‘Come then, let us battle with the arms!’
Grolm the strongman leads you over to the table and sits down, flexing his fingers.
You grasp Grolm the strongman’s hand in yours and signal your readiness.

Grolm the strongman exclaims ‘Begin!’
You strain with all of your might against Grolm the strongman.
You overpower Grolm the strongman!!
Grolm the strongman says ‘Seems you have bested me this time Tharius.’
Grolm the strongman gives you 1,000 coins.

Cliff’s Down and Dirty Bar & Grill
This area is off to the side of the Midway. It is sheltered by a roof of
branches and bits of cloth. Rickety looking tables with battered chairs are
set about the area, covered with dirty glasses and plates. Boisterous
discussions are taking place all around and occasionally a burst of loud,
infectious laughter is heard. Torches that line the drinking tent make it
bright and cheerful, encouraging visitors to stay and enjoy the beverages.
Exits: north
A few well-used stools are lined up next to the bar.
A brawny man in liquor stained leather, pours drinks from behind the counter.
Cliff says ‘What’ll ya be havin’, Tharius?’

[Lv Price] Item
[ 0 274] A delicate gypsy liqueur.
[ 0 687] A flagon of ale.
[ 0 343] A mug of warm apple cider.
[ 0 9624] Grog of the gargoyle.

If you ride the Wheel of Wonders ferris wheel don’t just sit there like a lump like Zistrosk did, scry around and see the views from around the Realms.

There are certainly puzzles left unsolved here.  I didn’t figure out how to get a giant stuffed YOURNAME doll though I have a few ideas and I didn’t talk about the hall of mirrors.

A Dusty Tent
The air within this huge, multi-colored tent is thick with dust from the bustle
of many people entering and leaving. The ground here is littered with bits of
confetti, suggestive of a celebration. A tasseled rope hangs from the center
pole of the tent, swaying slightly. From the outside, a huge number of noises
can be heard, making it difficult to isolate any one sound or voice. A wooden
sign is hanging from the southern wall of the tent painted in garishly colored
lettering. To your east is a tent flap that leads to whatever all this noise
must be about…
Exits: east
A tasseled rope hangs from the center of the tent.
A colorful poster can be seen on the tent wall.
An overstuffed sofa sits before a television playing old reruns.
A large pine tree, covered in colourful ornaments, stands here for all to enjoy.

look poster
A unique dragon has been patiently waiting in the Hall of Mirrors for all of
you avatars. (Non-avatars, best to stay away from her.) If you’ve never been
to the Hall of Mirrors, seek out Claralinde in the Midway.

If a player manages to find and kill the dragon, they will be credited with a
Midway lottery ticket that will be saved for them in another room. Players
can win multiple tickets. This will be tracked over reboot. The dragon
could be hoarding some other goodies too.

When Midway closes on Sunday, the lottery will be held, with a few prizes
awarded, including a unique large storage bin to one lucky player!
You do not need to be present to win.

Reminder… as Claralinde’s sign warns you, killstealing is allowed in the
Hall of Mirrors.

To my knowledge only 1 kill has been done, and it took 5 players to do it.  It costs 1 million gold coins to get into the mirror maze and anything you kill will cause you to exit.  Expect to go in, kill the Hall of Mirrors guardians and to have to re-enter.  Until you clear them all it’s going to be quite hard to find the pit that the dragon is in.

Good luck!

Here and back again

Hi everyone, I’ve been very inactive as regards Realms over the last 6 months or so, I’ve been locked away working on my Master’s thesis which is thankfully complete and accepted.  I still have the defense ahead but that’s like giving a presentation compared to writing an essay and so the end is near.

Sylphain approached me about trying to get activity going again, small runs for new players and it reminded me that there are actually new people around.  It’s easy to forget it when we focus in on “what’s wrong” instead of just enjoying what is right.  I am often guilty of exactly this, I see a problem and I want to fix it and my problem solving brain focuses on it.  Then I get very frustrated when I don’t feel supported, I start feeling like my efforts are not welcome and I check out, throw my hands up in the air and walk away.

This is how I felt when I left The Symposium some months ago.  Sunday night I asked to rejoin because I’m ready to try to contribute again, except this time I am going to try to come at it from the point of view that “maybe I don’t know what’s best, I only have ideas”.  You know … stop being intellectually arrogant and try to accept the input of the whole team.  I know.  Really obvious right?  Yet it is so easy to fall into patterns and doubly so online, at least for me.

Another thing I’m going to try to do is follow a little piece of advice I saw floating around that encapsulates some thinking I’ve been doing anyway:

It is better to create something that others criticise than to create nothing and criticise -- Ricky Gervais



I recognize that a lot of what I have been doing is criticizing without creating.  I do generate some ideas but it’s time to start DOING and stop THINKING.  So, if I think we need some items to help flesh out itemization, then I should try building an area.  If I think that we need some resource then go ahead and make it.  If  I think that there’s a code idea that will work, I guess I should feel free to work with the public code.

To avoid being disappointed maybe I should ask other people if these ideas have a bit of support … you know figure out if anyone else thinks it’s a good idea 🙂  Oh well, I keep trying.  Hope this helps others thinking about how to help this game.  Realms has the awesome thing that players actually can contribute positively to the game.  With the small player base everyone can make an impact, leading runs or being grumbly.