Zap! Poof! It’s gone! and other tales from GoO

Over the last while a few things have been going on in the Guild of Origin and during the runs a number of comments have come out that I thought I’d share since I think they’re worthwhile.

First … one of our members needed help replacing a jade strand.  Turns out he had been doing something in Shattered Refuge and a firebat aggressively attacked him and caused him to zap.  The hobgoblin miner thought he’d won the jackpot and started picking up equipment.  Our guildie killed the miner for such affrontery and promptly autosac’d him.  Autoloot doesn’t help you much when your hands are full.  Another reason to have autosac off when adventuring, it’s handy for favoring but it sure can go horribly wrong.

Next, we’ve been talking a bit on guildchat about what can be killed and where people like or don’t like to adventure.  Some people have expressed they won’t adventure in no supplicate areas.  Some think that using double heals is a sloppy way to get a kill on a tough mob.  Some like green potions, some like ambrosia.  Yet others like apples.

I’m going to say that the most challenging and rewarding parts of the game continue to be added with no supplicate flags.  You can argue that you’ll just buy the equipment by running lesser challenges or by amassing gold.  It’s possible.  Or you can get 20 glory and go adventure yourself.  20 glory comes pretty easily and isn’t a great investment in effort… I doubt you could trade 2 hitpoints worth of glory for a Seth set for example, yet that 2 hp can give you a safety margin if you wanted to actually try to adventure for that Seth set.

I generally dislike farming and apples have been farmed to the point that people felt it necessary to put anti farming programs.  Ambrosias won’t work for everyone, worshippers of Kardis don’t abound and farming triple heals takes a very long time.  I would like the idea of finding a recipe that you take to a mob which would allow you to buy them.  I rather imagine the program to be a fake brew … you buy them but then you have to wait for them, maybe even 100 at a time or whatever.  More interesting than straight farming.  Any which way, if you need to use doubles to make something happen, especially while learning, I say go for it, but tend to agree that they shouldn’t be needed to make a run work.

Oh well, that’s the news at this hour! 🙂