Falc-on, Falc-off!

It’s fitting that here today on my 100th post I have good news to share.

Back in October I shared how Zistrosk’s quest mob managed to beat my repair triggers and cause me to scrap my Mask of the Master Rogue.

In November Kinux allowed the Falcon to be challenged again by those of us who had defeated him previously, to the delight of several of us.  I know at least 3 people who had retired thieves that went and have remasked their old characters.  Yet even with the news of the successes Lareawan continued to be told he wasn’t ready.

Frustrating?  You bet!  I thought perhaps it was because I had completed redoing the quest prior to Kinux’s announcement that I wasn’t tagged correctly or something to that effect.

The truth was much simpler… I wasn’t wearing the Falcon set.  When I first levelled Lareawan and obtained the set of course I wore the pieces, they were upgrades to what I was wearing.  I confess I missed the jade strand for a little while but after a while I got over it.  Now that I’m adventuring as a more mature character I’ve swapped out some pieces and had relied on the mask as my 3rd piece.  Well, back to storage I went and picked up the greaves from the floor and trotted back to Shadowport to try again.

This time … I wasn’t ready again … but at least it was the half screen of spam not ready message that came with trans back to the thieves’ guild!  A couple hours later I tried again and before long the magic words scrolled across my window:

Your pierce tears the Falcon!
The Falcon is DEAD!!
As The Falcon falls, his most prized possession falls from his face…
The Falcon says ‘You have done well to best me, Lareawan… You are a true master.’
The Falcon gasps its last breath and blood spurts out of its mouth and ears.
You get 10821253 gold coins from the corpse of the Falcon.
You get the Mask of the Master Rogue from the corpse of the Falcon.

Thank you Kinux.  Happy 100 all!

More info for realmsofdespair.info

Hi everyone,

Earlier today I completed migrating Rodpedia to the site.  The migration itself wasn’t a huge job but I took advantage of the task to move the entire site to a new server that can support a more modern PHP programming environment.

One of the things that has been holding me back from working on the site is an inability to use the frameworks I prefer, hand writing everything from the ground up was never an option.

Additionally the site now runs on https which will make passwords more secure, especially with the changes in the pipe.

That’s it for now, I’m still around, alive and kicking, busy as heck but that’s nothing new.