The Scourge of the Undead Falcon

The grand finale of the Undead Scourge quest hosted by Zistrosk happened just before Hallowe’en and it was quite a hard hitting mob kill that was reminiscent of the old days, mobs like Coco the Cabana Boy, who made short work of many an avatar regardless of skill level.

Despite all the precautions, spell ups, repairs, repairs on the fly, anti-scrapping triggers and so on, my day was marred by one particular line of text scrolling across my screen:

Mask of the Master Rogue falls to the ground in scraps!

Still, despite this loss I felt the quest was good, the rewards were ample and no use in crying over spilled milk.  I was not about to change mains, given that I have invested time in obtaining Guardian’s Exigency pieces and also Lareawan has become well known as the Guild of Origin Guildmaster.  All it meant was that I had an new opportunity to add a watch puppy muzzle or something like that to the wish list.

Nonetheless I half jokingly said to Destre that I’d trade her my rename scroll for having my tag rubbed out so I could redo the quest.  We joked, laughed and she said to ask Kinux.  Well no one dares me, I mean, why not give it a try?  So I emailled him about it and eventually heard back that yes, players would soon have that chance!  This might have been in the works for a while but the timing couldn’t be any better from my point of view.

Today it was announced and became official, news 1070:

(1070) Kinux 11/09/16 The Falcon Quest

For those of the rogue persuasion, it is now possible to visit the Falcon more
than once. While NPC’s within the quest may note that you have already done the
quest may acknowledge you have already done it, you will be able to gain
access to the elusive master rogue should you wish.

That’s the second time that persuasion has been used in a news item recently, I don’t think Lare needed any persuading, but THANK YOU to Kinux and anyone else involved in this decision.  It’s not a trivial thing to kill him off to get the mask in the first place and with the Guardian set pieces overlapping with some of the Falcon set items the mask becomes key to getting both bonuses.  Ownertagging means that it’s not something you’re going to stock up on and low AC vs difficulty means we’re still going to try to take good care of it.


Salute to Kellian Waverunner

Shortly after I returned to Realms I got involved with the Guild reogranization build that was taking place on Zistrosk’s server.  This is where I got reaquainted with Kellian, aka Steve.  I saw the energy he poured into the game and thought quite highly of his contribution.

Fast forward a while and we’re together on Newbie Council, flip the page and we’re working together as leaders in different guilds.  Every time I turned around I’m having a talk with Kellian about the game and things we could do better.  Not griping, real “how do we improve the spirit of friendship and comradarie” type better.

Kellian was one of those people who seemed to have great reserves of strength and energy, though perhaps more of the former than the latter due to his illness.  I will not pretend we were close friends or that we had gone on many adventures together, but what is true is that I will miss his presence and hope that I grow to emulate many of his better qualities.

I can only express my condolences to his family, both his real world family who are mourning and to his Guild of Nature family.

Goodbye Kellian.