edmond openly traffics: triggers anyone?

I saw this today while an auction was taking place for Realms’ hottest commodity, a multi-class ticket to ride.

The auction was being quickly bid up with strange numbers when edmond made his comment and I thought it rather ironic.

You see … the gold to buy the tickets is probably farmed with golding bots, the characters the tickets are being used on are probably being leveled by leveling scripts … but this is where a comment is worthy?

Scripts were designed to eliminate being bored to tears while doing the grindy parts of the game. Slowing the XP gain to a crawl has only clogged up the most popular leveling areas with prestige characters grinding away using their triggers to avoid feeling any more of the pain than necessary.

Spoof ips to vote for Realms multiple times, script golding and leveling but for heaven’s sake, bid on the tickets manually. :thumbsup: