Who says things change slowly on Realms?!?

Since my last blog post a couple of days ago I thought perhaps I had not completed the quest, so I went back to do it over and try to linger about and find out if I had become too impatient and missed out on the completion of the story line.

Today’s kill blow contained a new message:


A shadow beast is DEAD!!
You receive 1041 experience points.
You have completed the quest to save Lord Wendle and his family from the Shadow Beast!


Thank you to whomever made the change, I can assume that it was Romani since I know she cares a great deal about doing a good job and because she had asked me if I found the cloak! 🙂  (Of course you know that also could go two ways … did I find the cloak I was talking about in my blog post or did I find the cloak that is the item at the end of the area!!  See what happens when you put a puzzle in this head?  Insanity!!)

I only hedge my bets in case it was some other helpful immortal lurking around the blog-o-sphere!

8 thoughts on “Who says things change slowly on Realms?!?

  1. I’m losing my freakin’ mind in Wendle Mansion. The magic item that is supposed to help slay the beast has been given to me but I can’t figure out what to do with it. The only hints Romani has given me are “silly mice: they poop everywhere” and “have you been to the attic?”. Yes, they do; and, yes, I have. Still no boss spawn. Pity me: I’ve spent the better part of a year pondering this. Great puzzle, though!

  2. I encountered the shadow beast in the attic after visiting with Lord Wendle and receiving the item from him. I dropped it on the floor and at dawn the beast appeared.

    The house begins to shake furiously!
    Lightning flashes through the window forcing shadows to unfold!
    Blood red eyes peer from the darkness and step forth to attack!

    1. Thanks Tharius!!!
      This is the third time I try to play RoD. The first two times I gave up but they say three is the charm…
      The first time was in 2016-17 and I got very frustrated because I did not manage to solve Wendle Mansion.
      I also asked Romani for advice but she did not reply, or there was a technical problem and I never got her answer.

      The first and second time I cloud not find the token of hope.
      I really tried everything:
      – the nursery rhyme book (stories collected by LW himself for his children)
      – the wooden bird (a toy LW carved for his children?),
      – the rune (maybe it meant hope in some ancient language!),
      – the corn (HOPE for a good harvest!),
      – the coal (the warmth of a family gives hope!),
      – the shard from the kitchen (?)
      – the tin can from the pantry (???)
      Then I gave up… Years passed in the real world (centuries in RoD???)…

      And this time, the THIRD time… I found it! And discovered that the token of hope is… the token of hope!
      I feel sooooo stupid now.
      (But I also blame that stupid absent-minded Lord Wendle. Losing his lucky charm in that place!!!).

      Once I got the Cross, Then I had the same problem of Kelley above.
      If you say “twins” to Lord Wendle, he replies “The cross is a key, though I cannot tell you what it is for” .
      This puzzled me even more because I could not find any locked door!
      (BTW, he stays silent if I say “Julianna”, “Thom” or “wife”, he seems to react only to “Sarah”, “Lady” and “twins”; I also tried “curse”, “beast”, “token”, “hope”, etc, but they did not produce anything)

      I thought “The pale imprint of a cross in the window overlooking the backyard is haunting” in the attic was a clue, but …
      .. But since the Cross of Divinity has location = HOLD, I supposed I had to HOLD it – after all, it has a special message when you HOLD it.
      Without your help I never thought you had to DROP it!
      Furthermore, since everything important seems to happen between 11 PM and 1 AM, I never thought I had to wait for dawn
      (there is a veeeeery faint hint in Admoti’s letter, which says “He is a foul creature that lives in the half-light of shadows”).

      Everything good, everything ok… except I failed to kill the Beast, so now I have to restart from scratch, and I cannot find the token of hope any longer! How can this be possible? I had no problem in finding again the parts of LW. Does the token of hope have a longer respawn time? Does it respawn in a different location every time?

      1. Not only does it respawn in different locations, I suspect that at least one of those rooms may be inaccessible, which would mean that for that particular day the token would be unobtainable. I’m not sure of this nor am I sure if it’s by accident or design.

        1. Thank you for your quick reply!

          So, the moving and/or inaccessible token of hope …
          A perfect way to frustrate the newbie… and one of the reasons I’m still a newbie after all those years. (Yeah, I know, I know, it’s also MY fault, because I’m too stubborn and I refuse to advance to level 10 until I solve Wendle Mansion).
          I’ll wait for the reboot and than I’ll go … “BACK to the MANSION” (said with the voice of Bernard in DOTT, of course), and I’ll look again for that thrice-damned lucky charm…

          1. I came back, I SEARCHed multiple times in every room in the house. All hidden objects (mask, LW parts…) are in their usual places, but NO token of hope (the one and only time in which I stumbled into it, it was in the pantry, but now it’s nowhere to be found. Please don’t tell me that I have to dig the garden and cellar AGAIN (I tried yesterday, I found the usual items, NO token of hope). Now I understand that this game is called Realms of DESPAIR for a reason…

          2. I tried to wait for many reboots, I tried creating a different character (thief level 5), I used detect invis/hidden spells, etc.
            I used SEARCH and DIG in every room, many, MANY times.
            I looked up Rodpedia and I’m pretty sure I visited every room. If there are other ‘even more secret’ rooms, they are not listed in Rodpedia.
            I’m at my wits’ end. I don’t know what to do to complete the quest 🙁

        2. The story progresses a bit… After many useless searches (and also asking NEWBIECHAT did not help), I came back one day and found the token immediately, in the foyer this time. (It was noon, can it be significant?). I gave it to LW and he said “I already gave you the cross. There is nothing more I can do to help you”.
          So he remembers me even after so many reboots?
          So I gave the token to my alternate character, she gave it to LW, got the Cross and gave it to my main character, which has RP reasons to face the Beast. I killed the Beast but it said “We will meet again!”, the corpse disappeared and I did not get the “You have completed the quest” message, and I still have the Cross, so I suppose the quest is not complete yet…

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