Catacombs of Mahn-Tor (or 2 thieves and a barbarian levelled makes someone something something…)

The last week has been another detour through adding experience points to characters.  The baby barb that I started to kill Brutus with hadn’t put on a point of xp since I wrote that blog post, so it was time to finish him off.  Ended out with a 933 hp base, which I was pretty satisfied with.  I also levelled 2 thieves for other people and I felt the came out with decent enough bases, 742 and 728 respectively.

This is not another blog post about the evils of leveling or rerolling … this is another blog post about “while I was levelling I tried something new and ..” 🙂

This week’s wander was to the Catacombs of Mahn-Tor, a nifty little adjunct to the Keep of Mahn-Tor.  Once you gain entry there’s a few sealed off tombs that make you grateful that pass door can still be brewed.  Might have even found a bug, because once you door bash them open after repop you can’t walk through them and door bash thinks they are open.  Each of the tombs can provide you with a fight, whether the remains of the King and Queen or just the ancient warrior spirit.  You will additionally confront ghosts, spirits and even a wraith in the hallway.

I’ve noticed that there certainly seems to be more to the area than what I’ve discovered, the flame of the elder was nice as are the cotton bindings but the burial armor seems out of place.  Whenever I see a piece of equipment with negative stats and no apparent use it triggers alarm bells in my head.  Additionally some of the vaults can be opened and closed.  I have not yet determined if bringing the corpse of Mahn-Tor into the catacomb is triggering anything yet, I haven’t gotten it figured out just yet, but I’m having fun trying out different ideas.

I’ve run away with the king and queen’s body before too, I just haven’t decided where to take our mummy jerky yet 🙂

Stay tuned 🙂