… and Justice for all!

So after a week that’s mostly been about working on the item database (the drop downs will now update your equipment choices correctly and remove any items from your character that won’t work anymore) and trigger writing (reroller, adepting, a little levelling) a nice simple run seemed like a good chance of pace.

Juan and I went over and visited Justice for a few kills.  We did this IP1 just for simplicity shieldbashing and circling away.  We walked away with 1 devout scale and 3 neutral ones for a total of about 2m in repairs but more importantly we got off our butts and went and did something! 🙂

On our third kill I pulled a good old fashioned newbie move and walked into a fight with no sanc on.  Full tankset, no sanc.  *facepalm*  For Justice, this doesn’t matter even a little bit because she doesn’t tank swap unless you style up, but it’s a great reminder to me to pay attention!! 🙂