Old MacMillan had a corpse, ee aye ee aye woohoo!

So this morning I posted about yesterday’s experience with Brutus.  Rather than edit it to reflect today’s experience, I’d rather bring you along for the ride today.

The baby barb took a beating at the hands of Brutus.  Using uppercut or pummel got as far as few bruises with ridiculous equipment damage.  In other words not enough damage output.  So what the heck can you do with a baby barb to improve the damage output?  Looking down the slist to level 42 I took a suggestion from Ardeth to give something different a try, I went and coughed up the cash for a lance in the barb home town and found out what hurdle is used for!

All of a sudden, the health levels start dropping, the incoming chokeholds were pretty managable but boy oh boy the surprise rends hurt!

Brutus Hammersmith is DEAD!!
You receive 15524 experience points.
You receive 31048 extra experience points for taking vengeance upon Brutus hammersmith.
Brutus Hammersmith falls to his knees, defeated.
Brutus Hammersmith exclaims 'you have bested me!'
Brutus Hammersmith looks down at his fatal wound, and then up into your eyes, a saddened look wiping across his face.
Brutus Hammersmith says 'Tell that vile woman I will see her in hell...'
A finger is sliced from Brutus Hammersmith's dead body.
You get 1390000 gold coins from the corpse of Brutus Hammersmith.

Since I was in gear that was quite easy to replace (yay levelling gear) I went ahead and just stayed stubborn and tried to drop him, well, I’ll pay the price by doing a tour of the realms for gear tonight.

You are using:
<used as light> the sigil of Sil-Galith
<worn on finger> [nothing] 
<worn on finger> [nothing] 
<worn around neck> [nothing] 
<worn around neck> [nothing] 
<worn on body> [nothing]
<worn on head> [nothing] 
<worn on legs> eltor-hide leggings
<worn on feet> [nothing] 
<worn on hands> [nothing] 
<worn on arms> a tattoo of interlaced leaves
<worn about body> an Elvish Cloak
<worn about waist> [nothing] 
<worn around wrist> [nothing] 
<worn around wrist> [nothing] 
<wielded> [nothing] 
<worn on ears> [nothing] 
<worn on eyes> shades of light
<worn on back> [nothing] 
<worn over face> [nothing] 
<worn around ankle> a blue, glassy chain
<worn around ankle> [nothing] 
<wielded as lance> a sharpened dragon tusk lance

I don’t feel bad giving some hints, since lots of people know how to do this kill on a shieldbashing Paladin, it was nice to do it on the barb though.  The hardest part of this is the eq damage, of course.  So… next time, do it on a druid?


Old MacMillan had a farm, ee aye ee aye omg that hurts!

Similar to my adventures in Wendle Mansion, my adventures in MacMillan Family Farm has been motivated by levelling a character.  In this case I decided to level my first barbarian, my previous barbs being purchased for the purpose of runs.

Of course the largest challenge with barbarians is that they cannot use equipment that is magic, nor recite scrolls, brandish staves and so forth.  They generally eschew magic, unless they’re quaffing potions by the hundred out of a gnomish potion container 😛  Nonetheless that means that a tremendous amount of gear, which is magical is not useful.  For me that was the challenge.  Conceptually I like the barbarians, I wish that they had damage mitigation/non magical healing that actually made them play differently than other classes but perhaps that would have been too much coding and/or too different for Realms.

So the Farm has a primary quest and a great number of craftable pieces of equipment particular to the barbarians.  Given that this area presently the newest installed area it’s no surprise that some of these pieces plug a particular hole in builds.  In particular, the spiked leather armguards of the tribesmen are useful into avatarhood and the stone-headed tomahawk named “windwalker” is a nice upgrade to a knobby club.

I managed to map out the area fairly straightforwardly, though a couple of the keywords were a little tough to get “just right”.  The main difficulty becomes that some of the mobs do not appear every repop and the components they provide are pop items themselves.  The armored baloth in particular hits hard, having a program that dings a piece of equipment nearly every round.  Given the AC on levelling gear it’s just too easy to scrap stuff there, but you have to kill him, since he has two different pops that are used in the recipes.  Oh well.  Having done this on a barb, I see why people dedicate a level 44 Paladin to this job.  The barbarian is uppercutting away where the paladin can shieldbash.  If the barbarian had rend at this level then at least the fights would be hard but reasonable.

That sums up my feelings on the main quest as well.  Brutus is just too hard to fight on a barbarian in any reasonable way.  You can die/recall, repair, restock and run back to rejoin the fight, but uppercut just barely keeps up with his healing where shieldbash actually makes some headway.  I like a challenge, but there’s some things I am just not doing more than once.  It’s too bad that ancestral strike, which is generally considered underpowered at avatar, isn’t lower level because it would be a nice alternative here.  About the only thing I can think to do is try armblocking the damage and bringing lots of extra armwear (can’t even cheat and recite quantum spike scrolls!!).

Overall a fun area with some good gear.  A nice side adventure that will never be staked as a levelling area.  Nice job Eisengrim.

A wrap up to the Olympics

Well the Olympics have come and gone and I had a great time.  Here’s a wrap up to the event.

I said in my last post that I hoped that it would be more than a tele-scan but less than a full fledged scavenger hunt and that’s right where I think the event fell.  You did a traditional tele-scan to find letters and then used your letters to build words off a prescribed Nation themed list.  The more letters you were able to use in words, the better you finished.  The half-elves took first in this event, Gagnon was able to split off early and start unscrambling words rather than tele-scan on his mage which gave us a great advantage.  A few small nits to pick, nothing serious … I’d put it in the feed back department.  The unusable characters and the wildcards were a bit frustrating.  In an event like this I’d rather the luck be in the finding the letters and the skill in the word assembly, wildcards take away from that.  Additionally the wildcard letters were in fact just re-purposed unusable letters, and not all of them, which made it one more complication to try to keep straight while looking at the jumble.  Other than that I think the event was a challenge and a lot of fun.  I hope that if this sort of event becomes more common then the people deciding how many of each letter to scatter look at the letter frequency within the words they select rather than looking at standard English letter distributions as we have some things that skew the results (for example H is far more common in the race names due to the word “Half” all over the place than it is otherwise in standard English).

The final event was the Pkill, where I expected to be splattered quickly and often.  As it turned out, the event was a King of the Hill event where you earned points by staying in the designated room.  If every team had strategized to stay in the room as long as possible by not attacking anyone we would have had a terribly boring tie but thankfully that didn’t happen.  Of course, fleeing and returning quickly were vital to a good strategy.  If you killed a PK then trying to keep them from CRing was useful, but if it took you out of the room to do it, then you were only trading off them for you and at no net gain.  PFs didn’t need to cr or even respell, so it was just rush back.  PKs had some advantages like being able to shove people out of the room, but it really wasn’t a deciding factor.  I was taking 2-3 people pretty routinely and it wasn’t until Ceir started bashing me that I was having trouble at all … I mean a pk circle causes you to flee and return, but oh well 🙂  All in all a lot of fun, I killed Creemore just because he figured he’d get picked on, so I didn’t want to let him down.  A lot of the TSers present seemed to attach each other with great relish, perhaps a little pent up frustration from many long meetings!! 🙂

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and thanks again to all the immortals who invested time in preparation for this event, particularly Eisengrim and Gonnil who hosted events and managed the herd admirably.

Who let the dogs out?

Duh, Kinux or Ceirana or Petrograd or Belkira or someone else!  Who care who let it out!  Let’s kill it!

So of course Gorog’s Watchdog made it’s reappearance last Friday as part of a player appreciation drive following the RoDpocalypse.  We saw two kills last week but it took until Saturday afternoon to get enough people together.  Tonight everyone was ready and rearing to go, the first dog kill went as clean as any I’ve seen.  The second dog kill went a little rough for me personally, don’t know if the tank died or something else happened, but I ended up tanking and it doesn’t take long for 2k hp to disappear.

CR’d and ran back, quaffing manas and heals enough to get sanc cast and jump back into the fight before I get locked out of it, in plenty of time to see Orvald pop a pair of Goroggles!  Way to go and congrats, you luck so-and-so!  Lucky?  No I guess that honour goes to Jealle who popped her second pair of Goroggles in a week.  In a twisted, bitter, totally fake rage I hope you enjoy them you rasafrasasuchandsuch.  Kidding of course, if I had that kind of luck I’d tapdance all the way to recall :>

Kudos also go out to Eisengrim and his dog biscuit quest earlier in the day, I added a few new areas to my automapped zones running out to find biscuits but I wonder if the eat zombie backpack; scan all strategy isn’t a bad way to do these sorts of quests.  Word is, 800 zombie candies did the trick.  Just remember to keep sanc and fly on at all times and be prepared to recall if you get attacked 🙂