The Brujah Return (for IOQC)

So I mentioned getting myself ready for IOQC but what about the IOQC?

This month’s quest was hosted by the Order of Inconnu written by Lady Velya herself.  I quested on Tharius as part of the Dragonslayer team which also consisted of Sophie, Yibaroane, Malfian and Gagnon.

The quest had us retrieving ancient tablets from increasingly more difficult Brujah warriors.  The first warrior was straightforward and in fact stopped the fight before we killed him off.  We had returned to General Assembly for a clue since he had turned himself pacifist but it turned out he was waiting for a little briberooni 🙂

The next two warriors kicked like mules though.  Of course both used a great number of vampiric attacks but also rained a fair amount of gouges and hellfire into my life (I really have to find a good way to cut hellfire down, it’s starting to show up everywhere!!).  A couple of deaths and regroups and we managed to get the job done, switching to ambrosias for the last fight really helped recover from the gouge lag.

I’ve been running around investigating the history of the old clans so to see a direct reference to Brujah here was nice.  Of course both the Inconnu and Brujah are themselves references to White Wolf Games Vampire:The Masquerade so the reference may not have been to the in game pk clan but rather to the original source material but either way, nicely written and themed.

Congrats to DS for coming first in this event, I was proud of our team for working well together.  Solutions to the clues came from 3 different people and lots of suggestions and communication team wide.  Congrats to the other teams as well, I didn’t mind waiting 45 minutes to pester Destre for glory work while you guys were still out and adventuring! 🙂

Good luck next time!!