Duke Luther’s hunt comes to an end.

Well the good Duke’s hunt has come to an end.  I have to admit, I enjoyed this quest even though I would have like to have seen more people active in hunting for mobs.

As we suspected a few of the mobs were pretty inaccessible to small parties … at least one mob was past the Onyx Golem for example.  By and large though quite a few were soloable or doable in 2’s and 3’s.  A shout out to Bratac and Theldan who were relentless in their hunting and also to Riddick, Juan and Chyort who all joined me for kills here and there.

As I said in a prior post, this quest got me out into the Realms fighting mobs I haven’t fought in all my time here.  Even though I’ve used purple pouches, shields of oak and soulslayers, I have never killed Malvos (who wasn’t tagged) nor Nazir (who was) … or for that matter Jedhian (no, not tagged either) … but on my tour through Cursed Lands I hit them all.

Similarly with Sauron and his Staff of Barad-Dur … a staple item I’ve never popped before this quest.  Many of the others are mobs that I wouldn’t run because their equipment isn’t an upgrade for any of my characters … the Devil in ToE … Zaka Mede in La Chute … and so on.  All in all a great tour of the Realms … it gave me a chance to make and use an immob mage, to experiment with several different styles of running and dragged me into some of “new” areas.

Many thanks to Belkira and all who were involved in the administration and design of the quest.

Duke Luther should hire a standing army!

Belkira’s current quest has achieved one miracle already… it has got me off my butt to kill mobs I otherwise never would have.

There are a number of mobs on this quest that can be soloed or multi-soloed, which in today’s Realms is really necessary… trying to get the mass to go roaming in a number of different ways even for 2 or 3 avatar mobs is a little difficult but not impossible but for questing it’s nice to get out and stretch my legs without having to get everyone together.

So why are these mobs things I would never kill?  Well simple, their gear isn’t important enough to notice for most of my characters.  I know that sounds elitist, but most of the gear so far has been new avatar quality and I’m not a new avatar.  Even my new avatars aren’t new avatars.  In fact, when I was a new avatar most of this gear was plucked from donation and stuffed on my characters… So in fact over the years I’ve never got off my butt and killed these mobs on my own before and I’m having a blast doing it.

Each of the mobs is a little different and requires a different strategy, some of them hit quite hard and some of them are in scary areas … no recall, no supplicate, next door to DTs … you know, scary … areas that I’d normally avoid given my history as a DT magnet.

I chose to do this on a ranger (because I want to) and thus far I’ve burned up quite a large number of tank sets, a ton of heals, mana potions and a steadily increasing supply of repair gold … yet, I’m quite happy to do so!  It’s been a couple of forevers since I’ve enjoyed mkill this much and I rather imagine after this I’ll be re-energized to do something completely different like return to the item database, area building or … well the list of things to do grows faster than I can cross things off.

I hope you’re enjoying the quest too!  Kudos to Belkira, this is a lot more fun than tele-scanning but I wouldn’t want to do it every week 🙂