Salute to Kellian Waverunner

Shortly after I returned to Realms I got involved with the Guild reogranization build that was taking place on Zistrosk’s server.  This is where I got reaquainted with Kellian, aka Steve.  I saw the energy he poured into the game and thought quite highly of his contribution.

Fast forward a while and we’re together on Newbie Council, flip the page and we’re working together as leaders in different guilds.  Every time I turned around I’m having a talk with Kellian about the game and things we could do better.  Not griping, real “how do we improve the spirit of friendship and comradarie” type better.

Kellian was one of those people who seemed to have great reserves of strength and energy, though perhaps more of the former than the latter due to his illness.  I will not pretend we were close friends or that we had gone on many adventures together, but what is true is that I will miss his presence and hope that I grow to emulate many of his better qualities.

I can only express my condolences to his family, both his real world family who are mourning and to his Guild of Nature family.

Goodbye Kellian.

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