Still (almost) homeless


Last weekend we saw a house put on the market after a conversation that included talking about how housing makes people feel more invested in the game.  People get their own corner and set up their own sect, even if it’s just their alts, they’ve got something that they designed, named and get to take pride in.

Some of us get that feeling in the organizations we’re in but the fact is that organizations have rules about treating their save rooms as your own personal storage and from time to time people drift from organization to organization.  So having your own part of Realms has a special appeal, it’s yours.  No matter where you go or what you do.  Want to leave 50 laundry baskets on the floor?  Go for it!  Yay!

We also talked about the previous record holding 14b coins spent on the last house and how that was a ridiculous sum.  Some people assert that housing is a gold sink.  It’s something that sucks a whack of gold out of the economy and evens things out a bit.  Maybe that’s true.  It certainly does suck gold out.  Somewhere along the line however, it also became a reason to amass gold.  Some people who are golding say they’re doing it to save for a house.  So while it will continue to suck the gold out of the system, it also has become a reason for people to amass every increasing totals.  One nameless “up there” immortal told me the only time they ever golded was after buying their house to pay off their loans from friends.

I think part of the problem is that supply is far lower than demand and that apartments are more or less seen as useless.  You can start a sect, but if you ever upgrade to a house you’ll have to disband your sect and re-create it in order to move it.  I think this has to do with how secthome recall has been coded but I’m talking out of pure speculation here.  IF apartment sects could upgrade to a house somehow, without spending another 500,000,000 gold coins I’d already own one.

In help tsnews it was mentioned that there was some discussion about how to modify apartments, so it’s not as though it’s not on the radar, I’m repeating here a lot of what I said during that meeting.  It would be AWESOME to be able to upgrade and expand apartments and houses without every little thing dinging your house owning non-ordered non-clanned character having to scrape up the glory.  Seriously, if you wanted to tunnel a room to 1 in your house it’d be 80 glory… 80… a room ed is 40 glory for 24 lines…  (note I’m not sure if you have to pay an extra 20 if you want a COLOR ed).  Do I think this stuff should be freebies or gold driven?  No.  You need to earn stuff to feel some pride of ownership (imo) and if it’s gold driven it’s just going to be another reason for people to run level 30 barbarian bots in Coral Depths.  These things could make great quest reward scrolls though, even accepting that someone’s gonna hit traffic and try to sell theirs (if we say 300m per 10 glory using a rename scroll as a guide, do you think anyone’s going to trade 1.2b for a tunnel change scroll?  For a +1000 weight scroll, maybe!).  What’s the other bonus?  If you’re earning these things, you’ve been out and participating in quests and that’s gotta be a good thing right?

I made no secret that I was in on this house.  At any price?  No.  The hammer price on it was 16,500,000,000 gold coins (unless there was a last minute bid I didn’t see) and I chose to step out of the bidding around 15,000,000,000 coins.  I want a house and once I have one my desire for gold will fall off, if I can buy potions and do repairs I have enough, I’ve always been that way.  Gold is not a high score to me.  It’s just a resource that comes and goes.  I see people on traffic all day long looking for stuff and honestly, I’d rather run, it’s the getting not the having for me, but that’s a different rant.  The handful of us who are looking forward to starting a sect together will keep adventuring together and wait for the next little bit of Realms to go up for sale.


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