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The Guild of Origin has been hitting Black Rose a little this week, mostly for acid blast practice before the next big Danbala snake hunt.  While we were up there I noticed some members  having a real hard time keeping up with the damage.

One thing we want to do in the Guild is to teach people skills that help them play the game.  It’s not about follow this template and do what we tell you, it’s about finding what’s giving you a problem and give you suggestions that you can incorporate into your own play style.

The particular problem here was that the runner was stacking circles … circling before the lag from the last circle was gone, which is the kiss of death on many thief runs because you can’t respond to incoming bursts of damage … like an acid blast 🙂

Chit chatting a bit about what had happened it turned out that part of the problem was a default fprompt.  Everyone needs to experiment to find a prompt that works for them but there’s some very useful tokens.  I’ll share one that I use for my thieves that works for me.

*||* (1743/1743h 766v |S|Kylara is perfect health)

Yep, that’s it.  Very, very basic.  Too much information is a distraction to me.  The first token is %L .. the LAG token.  When I circle I can see how much lag is left when my prompt updates.  Sometimes this means going config -gag so that missed attacks cause a little screen scroll, but in group fights config +gag is usually ok.

Next is current hp and max hp.  Max hp is there for a couple reasons.  First of course is that I don’t always remember what my max hp are from character to character or from build to build.  Gear swapping for a particular challenge keeps that number moving around.  The second is that it’s a great way to know at a glance if I’m disarmmed or if I’ve zapped.  Normally disarm triggers take care of some of this but if I’m blind when disarmmed or a hundred other little nuances I have a hint to look for a problem.

I could likely eliminate the movement token here, it’s very rare that I run out of movement on a flying avatar and I use guages to keep track of spell durations but it was a problem at some point so it’s still here but not so useful anymore.

Next is the style token, pretty self explanatory, even adepted you can miss style changes.

Finally %n is %c keeps an eye on the mob’s health so that I’m not wasting time glancing at the mob to follow the flow of the fight.

After sharing this prompt I was surprised that more than one person commented about not using the lag token or mob health tokens and that the prompt I shared had helped make the fights a lot easier for them, so that has inspired today’s post.  Make sure you check help prompt_tokens and customize the prompt to your own needs and happy hunting 🙂

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