Hey Captain, not so rough!

After a long week of marking exams Friday morning finally gave me the free time to live up to a promise to visit Antall with my Arete ordermate Feitt.  Feitt’s a fairly new player, though he has had some family exposure to the game 🙂

Since I was on bright and early I went ahead and mapped the Shadowshark maze, and started trans’ing characters through.  If you’ve done this, you know that this can be 5 minutes or two hours and while I feel totally confident that this could be scripted, it’s a little nerve wracking to leave characters on autopilot in a shifting maze with aggro creatures (well, you know, if you move into the wrong room).  I had expected Feitt fairly early as we had made loose plans but he worked a night shift and I ended up waiting quite a while.  Turns out in all that time my main thief didn’t feel like trans’ing anyway so I used the time to start adepting things on my ranger and paladin’s slists…

If you’re waiting and you know it just spam armor, a-dept!  If you’re waiting and you know it just spam bless!

… well you get the idea …

We finally got together and got a messy kill in on McManus for a normal set and that was all I had time for given that it was pick your kid up from daycare o’clock. 🙂

Things to remember in the future … spelldowns are your friend, don’t hit McManus with a character with a heavy weapon and strength problem because poison and weaken are gonna ruin your day.


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