Adding some torque to my storages

Well after a miserable showing in Shadowport I figured it was time to dress my storages so that they can at least come and help out in the nomagic maze.

So what to dress them in right?  Why not start with a newbietar set and build from there, after all it’s a lot easier to get 20 golden torques from Cernunnos than it is to get 20 devout scales of the alpha and omega.

I have to admit it was fun to get into Dunhill for a while, it really is a signature Herne area full of great descriptions and interesting details.

With a 15 minute repop Cern’s a pretty easy stake.  He’s tunnelled to 2 but of course you can fit a 3rd in once you’ve killed him once. Lots of things like spiders and wolves around to stay neutral on after the kill (Cern’s devout).  If you’re a new av, this run is well within your reach, even solo, just watch how much you flee since he’ll heal.

I was tempted to go hit Gaelcath for the fun of it, but maybe another day, time to do some more work on the item database 🙂

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