The Swamptober That Was

Well loyal reader, here we find ourselves again. That once a year post, whether we want it or not 🙂

In fact, I’ve been considering a post for a few weeks after a tell came out of the blue. That tell just expressed missing these posts. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

During October Sarakin and the rest of QC have been quite busy, and in tribute to their hard work, I’ve assembled a clumsy, tortured retelling of the month of quests just ended… It shall not under any circumstances follow the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas correctly … ah well. You’re not looking for quality, you’re after quantity, and that’s where I won’t let you down 🙂

On the first quest of Swamptober, Sarakin just released,
A bunch of swampsouls, that we had to make deceased.

On the second quest of Swamptober, Zistrosk’s Jack O’Lanterns escaped,
Eat zombie candies until your sweet tooth is slaked!

On the third quest of Swamptober, I did oversleep,
So I missed the blue cookie monster, and the ticket I didn’t get to keep.

On the fourth quest of Swamptober, Eisengrim posted to me,
Swamp lizards taking over, getcha some glory and you’ll get a ticket added on for free!

On the fifth quest of Swamptober, Lilith’s letters we did see,
By cutting off of body parts, and names of mobs were the big key.

On the sixth quest of Swamptober, Zistrosk lost his heads,
Zombie noggins missing, go scoop them up, that glory glory piles and spreads.

On the seventh quest of Swamptober, Zistrosk and Romani married,
Wedding presents stolen by some thieves, returned by avatars gloried!

On an unrelated quest during Swamptober, Sarakin played survivor …
25 corpses later, and a game rename he should deliver.

On the eighth quest of Swamptober, Destre frogs are loosing,
Time is going quickly, but the tokens we’re producing!

On the ninth quest of Swamptober, a Turkey Trot broke out!
Zistrosk asciis tshirts, and turkeys die without a doubt!

On the tenth quest of Swamptober, Sarakin’s thieves broke free!
But what their weapons are for beats me!

On the eleventh quest of Swamptober, Destre’s frogs got drunk!
They were fighting mad, the booze gave them some spunk!

In an interlude of Swamptober, golden bugs appeared loose and free,
Mosquitos in the Mire, messing up where bug, and Destre laughing evilllly ….

On the twelfth quest of Swamptober, Destre up early,
Crickets chirping Sunday morning, no coffee makes you surly!

On the thirteenth quest of Swamptober, Lilith set bats free!
Swamp down near the elves, that’s where I went to get three!

On the fourteenth quest of Swamptober, cool cats on a fence,
Set amok by Zistrosk, the best defense a good offense!

On the fifteenth quest of Swamptober, Cain said follow me,
As Godzilla roared and roasted avatars on a killing spree!

On the sixteenth quest of Swamptober, Destre’s frosty quest,
Scrapping some people’s packs, reminded you that Ice Girth is best!

On the seventeenth quest of Swamptober, the Tickets that fight back,
Broke loose from prizes and started to attack!

On the eighteenth quest of Swamptober, Lilith’s Scrooges trick or treat,
Looking far and wide, prancing and saluting, requirements we managed to meet!

On the nineteenth quest of Swamptober, Destre’s tickets went underwater,
Into Octopus’ Garden we flew, and the tickets we did slaughter!

On the last quest of Swamptober, fire breathing bozos left face,
As they fell we see the end of the marathon, not race!

Tortured rhymes aside, if you got tired reading all of that, imagine how tired our QC immortals were in designing and hosting them all! Thank you all for all the volunteer work you put into our entertainment during your leisure time, this author, and many others, greatly appreciate it and you.