Play Time in the Midway of Despair!


The Midway of Despair has been open for a little while over the last few days.  I’ve had a blast trying out all the games and seeing what little bits of history pop out of the woodwork.  It’s expected to be open a few more times over the next while, so be sure to visit it and have some fun with it.  A lot of the minigame prizes are just trashes but they’re amusing, I will treasure my suspendies and a bra for a long time to come.

Many waited for this area to open to obtain a few particularly interesting items.  A few of us wanted supple longbows, renown for their range.  I wanted a couple silk scarves … 40 mana each at level 1 they’re a nice option for mana users who have the con to avoid traveler cloaks at level 2.  The magician’s hat is always neat, not supremely better than a purple pouch but more flavourful.  I did grab figurines of Tharius from getting bullseyes on the Spear and Axe throws.  Finally, I was very excited to chase after some storage bins!

The quest for the storage bins is pretty simple, a bit of running around the area to gather the parts, a bit of luck and an item from the King’s Castle and bada bing, you’re done.  Home owners drool over these items  because they’re light weight and hold more than 1k of goodies.  I was looking for a batch for the Guild of Origin, larger containers to sort things in our storage room is welcome.  So it came as absolutely no surprise that players flooded to start farming the items required.  To my knowledge people were being pretty fair with one another, I didn’t hear any complaints of people pushing each other too badly to retrieve tiny body parts.  Yet after a short while the mob was removed to “The Dog House” where it was last seen.

These bins have been sold for 500m-1b gold coins, indicating a massive level of demand so perhaps someone in the immortal community felt that people were farming them to make a profit.  The bins have a midas value of 10m coins … but frankly if anyone was farming them for midasing I’d be stunned.  So we can all speculate why Someone decided to limit the influx of this metal nosac container.  Frankly I don’t get it, there’s a huge demand for a NON RUN ITEM that is at least approximated by a cheap (150,000 coin) accessory available 24-7 for homeowners.  Our storage room uses carts which are also cheap even if they’re smaller.  When someone told me 500m was a fair offer I laughed … I said “Midway is open and you think anyone’s going to pay that?”  The fact is more influx means market crashes and good riddance.  The area opens rarely so it’ll always be a bit of a premium item but … oh well, I’ve ranted about the economy being ridiculously artificial and the worthlessness of gold more than once.

My point here isn’t to criticize the decision, whether I agree with it or not.  The point I’d like to make is that all the complaining in the world on avatar and elsewhere will only discourage people from doing things like opening Midway again in the future.  Why put up with all the complaints … why not simply not open the area?  I suggest people have fun with the area and enjoy the games that are in there.  They are pretty neat.  Get yourself a dicing cup, down a few flagons of ale and take a ride on the Wheel.

Happy 20th!


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